How can I change the name on my deed?

To make changes to ownership of property, a new document must be prepared. An attorney may assist you in making the necessary changes. The Recorder's Office does not prepare documents.

Does my property have any liens filed on it?
Our office has State tax liens, Federal Tax Liens, and mortgages. For mechanics liens, inquire at the Circuit Clerk's Office and for property taxes, inquire at the County Collector. We will assist you with computer searches or you are welcome to come in and search the records.
Can you tell me the selling price of a home in my neighborhood?
The selling price of real estate is not disclosed on recorded deeds in the State of Missouri.

Are there easements on my property?
If it is platted, check the original plat map of the property. Check your deed or the deed of the person you bought your property from. Search the indexes.

When may I expect the return of my document after recording?
Original recorded documents will be mailed the next business day.  A self addressed stamped envelope is required for return.

Are common-law marriages recognized in Missouri?
The State of Missouri does not recognize common-law marriages.


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