Welcome to The Laclede County Government Center...

The New Laclede County Governmnet Center includes....

  • Four new state-of-the-art court rooms and public offices.

  • A fully operational E-911 control center with Doppler Radar and advanced emergency technology.

  • The M.U.L.E. database which allows the dispatchers instant access to criminal records on the city, county, state, and national levels.

  • A correctional facility with enough capacity to hold 106 prisoners.

  • Thick, electronically controlled, steel doors that deny access throughout the building to anyone without keycards.

  • An anti-terrorist barrier which is mandatory for all new government facilities in the nation.

  • A second phase which will include the revamping of the old courthouse and offices.
  • The Government Center opened in September of 1997. The completed Sheriff's office houses the county jail and the E-911 center. The Sheriff's office has many advances throughout the jail such as a completely cut off control station with its own air, heat, water, power, etc. The jail also features five holding cells and a separate juvenile cell. The Justice Center has four completed courtrooms and offices for all public officials. In the second phase of the building, the old courthouse will be redone with many improvements as well as a new courtroom matching those in the Justice Center.

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